Difference in shades of our cap

Children are still mischievous. He plunges so seriously into the game that they don't notice anything around him.

It is for such people that we make caps #bad_boys_cap with an elastic band.

Thanks to this detail, they do not fall off the head, do not get lost and do not get dirty 😏

Vintage caps #bad_boys_cap win hearts so easily💔

There are only three reasons for this:

  • natural cotton of the highest quality
  • attention to every stitch
  • stylish design

 Add to this 5 colors, sizes for the smallest and very adults, and the fact that we ourselves came up with the patterns 😱

Isn't that enough to order a cap?

Write to Direct, see the link or put ➕ in the comments to find out the sale price.

Photos that clearly demonstrate the difference in shades of our caps

Above - khaki, then olive, blue and gray 🎨

For completeness of the set, only a pink cap is not enough 🌸


What color did you like the most?

Write in the comments ☺️

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