Have you already heard about New Year's Eve discounts?

gift wigwam

Have you already heard about New Year's Eve discounts?


In order for every kid to find a fantastic Cocoon house under the tree, we are launching a special offer in advance.

Collect your gift wigwam yourself!

We give discounts for each individual element of the set, in total it turns out cheaper 😍


An example of Cocoon set as in the photo:

  • 🔸 Milk-colored tent with sticks, flags and bag
  • 🔸 Soft pink rug
  • 🔸 Flashlights
  • 🔸 Baby crown

Interested in other colors?

Write to Direct, we will tell and show you everything!

And do not forget to subscribe to our instagram so as not to miss new items 😊


Give children a holiday!

The Cocoon wigwams are an opportunity to throw a children's party at any time and in any weather! Light the garlands, make yourself comfortable in the cottage among the pillows, drink cocoa and read books ... or watch some kind cartoons, whatever you like! Tippi Cocoon guarantees a warm family evening 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ⠀


By the New Year we are giving discounts on tippies up to 25%!

  • Milk wigwam -25%
  • Rug -25%
  • Flashlights -25%


For any questions - write to Direct.


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