If Aladdin had such a wigm, he would not need any palaces

Sleepover teepee tent

If Aladdin had such a wigm, he would not need any palaces!

And Jafar would simply be stunned with envy ☺️

But we are not teasing anyone, in any case. We just decided to inform you that watching cartoons in the Cocoon wigwam is more interesting.

Tell me, do you watch cartoons with your child?

What's your favorite? 😁

Sleepover teepee tent Cocoon becomes a favorite place not only for children, but also for pets .

This is because it is stylish, organic, and has dozens of different games to offer.

Here you can read, and draw, and listen to a fairy tale, grump cookies, and assemble a constructor, and come up with a game of villain and princess.

All restrictions are only in your imagination and your child's!

A rare specimen is an open tipi Cocoon on five supports.

It will probably fit all your child's toys. Or four toddlers. Or mom, dad and child.

All in all, this wigwam will provide fun for everyone.

The set includes

  • ⭐️ thick cotton shawl
  • ⭐️ 4 support poles
  • ⭐️ multicolored flags
  • ⭐️ flashlights
  • ⭐️ transport bag
  • ⭐️ instructions for collecting tippies
  • ⭐️ soft play mat

Production time from 3 days.

Worldwide delivery.

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