Teepees play set by Potato stamp and screen printing from CocoonGift !

Teepees play set by Potato stamp and screen printing from CocoonGift ! Cocoon is a bag in a rug!

In a modern world, overloaded with kids toys, I was willing to find something special and real, something with a spirit of adventures.

Something like a wooden sword cut from the wood for a beloved kid by a grandpa, or a giant fleet of wooden sailboats carefully made of a birch bark. The thing I make are not that eye-catching, like all plastic toys screaming out from toy-shelves, but there is something tender and romantic about them. They are filled with sun and love, inviting us to enjoy a trip into a real childhood with its miracles and excitements. My first teepees appeared in a protest against overwhelming mass-market worthless stuff for kids, which I find tasteless and useless.

As many stories go, my first teepees were made just after my son was born, inspired but him, mostly as a gift for my close friends and their kids. But with each new one I was more and more falling for creating something new and better, inspired and charmed by little cuties playing inside of my works. Now I cannot imagine my life without doing what I passionately love doing. Every teepee is unique due to its hand-made prints. They are simple and appealing. Another thing to boast of is that the print is organic – made with a potato slice. Yeap! That’s it! It is carefully made by a locally grown potato, bought on our local market, which turned out to be the best material for making prints. I think real Indians will love the idea of it!

Choosing the color, I was avoiding too childish things, knowing that my son is much bigger on real dad’s tools and things than on their toy copies. Moreover, a well-chosen teepee can add up a bit of excitement to any interior design of a room, being more than just a place for a play.

Choosing poles and fabrics has its own story. If you are big on everything eco-friendly, my teepees will suit you perfectly. No doubts, in real life they are much more appealing than on the picture. So the real look will definitely exceed your expectations the moment you tear up a wrapping paper of your parcel. But I will do my best to take better pictures soon. It’s a promise! Among the best-sellers are teepees in grey and gold colors, there is something extremely sophisticated about them. But the rest are worth considering as well. For example, one of my favorite ones is so-called “rusty” teepee. Like an ancient Xmas toy, which lost its color and became a bit shabby long ago, but still has its incredible charm and stands out among other.

All teepees come with a pretty lights and marvelous flags aw well. I could not help making it a set, it looks so cute together. You will be thrilled as well as your kid!

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