Tents were made from the cotton USSR

teepee for your child

Our new product ✨
This wigwam is unique!

Not only because it is two-tone, but also because it is made from a special cut of fabric.

We found this fabric in grandmother's chests - after so many years it turned out to be in perfect condition.

Tents were made from the same dense cotton in the USSR!

So the wigwam turned out to be really vintage! 😍

The whole secret is in correctly folded sticks ⛺️

A pleasant bonus of our fantastic novelty is a double-sided rug.

Khaki on one side, bright orange on the other.

You can change it according to your mood, or turn it over if a child suddenly puts a stain (after all, this sometimes happens 😜)

These tents are available in limited quantities, so do not miss the opportunity to get this teepee for your child.

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