The magic forest is filled with warm sunshine

childrens play teepee

The magic forest is filled with warm sunshine.

You cannot meet robbers here - any villain becomes the most good-natured person, falling under the influence of the magic of blue butterflies. The magic forest is ruled by smiling fairies-sorceresses who will easily involve you in intricate games and dances. And it seems that one little fairy misses your home without a personal Cocoon teepee.
Order children's play teepee for the New Year for fantastic stories.

The set includes:

  • ✔️ thick cotton tent and carrying bag
  • ✔️ 4 supports made of eco-birch and twine
  • ✔️ garland of flags
  • ✔️ safe garland of cotton lanterns
  • ✔ assembly guide

Additionally, you can order a soft mat of any color ⛺️

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