We deployed an entire expedition at home!

the perfect gift for your child

We deployed an entire expedition at home!

Everything is real here: a camping lantern, aluminum mugs, binoculars, a can of water and provisions. But the main thing is tiny teepee tent, in which a valiant warrior can hide from robbers.

Teepee tent Cocoon is the perfect gift for your child. Traditionally, the set includes:

  • 🌵 thick cotton shawl
  • 🌵 4 support poles
  • 🌵 multicolored flags
  • 🌵 flashlights
  • 🌵 transport bag
  • 🌵 instructions for collecting tippies

Additionally, you can order a soft play mat :)

compactness of our teepee

One photo about the compactness of our teepee☺️

If the child does not play in the wigwam, just put it against the wall.

So it will not take up space, and still remain a stylish element of the interior 😏

pop up teepee tent

Windows are the favorite part of pop up teepee tent according to children ❤️

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