What do you do with your children?

Quarantine, to be honest, has become a real test of the strength of our imagination.

After all, without walking, being at home, the options for entertainment are limited. Here are our top activities: Cooking with kids. Simple recipes, lots of rubbish, but tasty and fun.

We learn songs in English and dance. A good option for moving around and expanding vocabulary (including parents 😅) ⠀

We lie on the rug in the wigwam and invent fairy tales. It is especially cool when the child himself is involved in the process - there already such stories turn out that no adult would have come up with

Putting the constructor together. Maximum concentration in the child and minimum noise in the room. It's a pity, so far not enough for a long time 😅 ⠀

And also, cartoons, games with a tablet, cars, hide and seek, catching up on sofas and armchairs, coloring, reading a little, standing on your head - and the day goes by.

What do you do with your children? Share in the comments! 

Chic Teepee

Wigwam khaki for 5 sticks is available to order.

For all questions, write to Direct, we will be happy to answer ❤️

Chic Teepee Cocoon🌵

The khaki color is so independent that even a print is not necessary: ​​the luxe teepee tent will become a chic accent in the interior anyway ⛺️ ⠀

The wigwam is made of dense natural cotton.

The fabric is treated with a special water-repellent agent and does not require frequent washing 💧


In the set: tent, sticks, flags, storage bag, instructions

Optional: rug, lanterns, macrame feather

And also, you can order fantastic decor for Cocoon wigwams: The feather, made by hand using the macrame technique, adds mystery to the house, as if fabulous spirits live in it ✨

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