Why Cocoon wigwams are the perfect gift for a child

Cocoon wigwams

It's so good to see the happy faces of the kids playing in the Cocoon wigwam!

Our teepee are designed to make babies happy 😌


Why Cocoon wigwams are the perfect gift for a child

  1. Contribute to the development of children's imagination, as the child himself comes up with a scenario of the game
  2. Made from natural materials, safe for the baby
  3. They are mobile, if necessary, they can be easily folded into a compact bag and hidden in the closet
  4. The wigwam will keep children busy for a long time during a holiday or party
  5. You can take it with you to nature, to the beach, or put it in the garden
  6. They look great in the interior due to their laconic design
  7. Thanks to quality materials, Cocoon wigwams will last a long time

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Write to us!

We will answer all your questions about Cocoon wigwams :)


wayfair teepee tent

If you forgot what cool windows we make on the side walls of teepee tent - then here 💔

The shutter was lowered - night, raised - day.

If you want, look out for the guests from the window, but if you want, set up an ambush.

Your teepee Cocoon, your rules ☺️

side walls of teepee tent

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