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Big Khaki playhouse, playhouse with windows, milk mat

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Mat color
Color of playhouse
Big playhouse Khaki with mat. Mat is include. Playhouse can be use as a bed for kids

✔️Playhouse has two roll-up windows on the one side . One window on the other side and one round window on the back. Also it has big pocket on the one side and other pocket inside the play house .

✔️Playhouse was made with 100% twill cotton dense high quality. Wooden frame of linden .
It is lightweight wood of a high quality without knots and not processed. Durable wooden frame will withstand any childrens’ moves and role plays. Even if your kids go wild and hang on the house, it will last. Fasteners and connections are made to firmly withstand any load and are quick to assemble. The frame is designed so that it can be assembled and disassembled endless times without getting loosened. We also provide video instructions to make the assembling process easy and fun. All screws and a wrench included)

Our brand is eco-friendly. No plastic or wrapping films are used while packing. Craft paper and natural ropes only.
Recently we have upgraded our brand sacks as well.

But this playhouse isn't just about looks – it's also built to last. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure that it will stand up to years of use and play, making it a toy that your kids will treasure for a long time!
In a world where so many toys are mass-produced and lack soul, this playhouse stands out as a truly special item. It's the kind of toy that will be passed down from generation to generation, becoming a cherished family heirloom that sparks memories of childhood playtime.

✔️Product details :

Lens - 130cm -51 inch
Wide - 110 cm -43.3inch
Higest - 150cm- 59 inch

✔️Set included :
- dense twill cotton 320 gr/m² Tent
- linden frame
- Quilted 320gr/m² Floor Mat
-metal screews
- Carry Upcycling holder
-card with link for video instruction

It would take 7-14 business days to deliver the order day FedEx Shipping and production are different processes.
We take full responsibility for the delivery.

It should be remembered that during international shipping delays at customs may happen.


A hanging inner pocket available for the request

For any custom size please let us know

✔️CARE instruction:
For small spots use naturale soap and brush, lightly rinse with water.
Do not wash in washing machine either use dryer.

Maide in UKRAINE ❤️