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Canvas Bell Tent/Toy Tent/Kids Teepee With Mat/Authentic Teepee/Teepee For Girls Room/Teepee Bell Tent

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Hand print Gold triangles teepee from COCOON play space is suitable for dreamers, kings and queens!!
If you had only touched our teepee tent, you wouldn't have thought to those some other playhouse for your child!
We choose to produce the natural thick cotton to produce teepees. The tent have a nice woven texture. And the most interesting things is that we basically use the natural color of the canvas , so tipi will fit perfectly into the interior and will not irritate the eyes!

Poles can be natural or coated with a water-based tint.

All COCOONs tents are hand block printed by potato and drawing by hight quality germans "Gold" paint what makes them unique and Unforgettable!

4 POLES IS INCLUDED. WOOD is Ukrainian birch.

Standart Set for kids consists of:

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and holder for transportation (easy to carry)
✔️ 4 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Mini flags
✔️ 1 Safe soft cotton lights (20 light bubbles)
✔️ 1 Manual

Standart Set + Mat :

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and a holder for transportation
✔️ 4 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Mini flags
✔️ 1 Safe cotton lights (20 light bubbles)
✔️1 Manual
✔️ Mat

All COCOONs tents included:

2 roll-up windows with ties
overlapping door with ties

*Additionally we can offer various padded mats.

All mats are made from 100% cotton with sintepon inside. Mats can be with ties or without. Additional in different colors.

Block print made of water based eco paints, safe for children.

Ideally simple and handy. Ready to be played in, no addictions needed. Just take it out , put up and enjoy.

For indoor and outdoor use.

CARE instruction:

Dry cleaning is recommended. For small spots use naturale soap and brush, lightly rinse with water.
Do not wash in washing machine either use dryer.

Product details:

Stand up size:
Base: 1,20m * 1,20m ( 3,9") or 47,2 inch
Hight: 1.60m (5,2") or 63 inch
Poles: 1,80m (6") or 71 inch

Size in holder ( without mat)
Length: 1m (3,2") or 39,3 inch
Diameter: 0.18m (0,6") or 7 inch
Weight: 5 kg
Set + mat: 6,5-7 kg

Size of mat:
Square: 1,25m *1,25m ( 4" * 4") or 41 inch