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4 poles teepee

Golden stars teepee tent

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Under Stairs Playhouse Cocoon

We are sure you were looking for something special for your beloved kid, so here it is — Golden stars 4 poles under stairs playhouse Cocoon.

This was made for every little dreamer who desires to become an astronaut one day. On the plain milky walls you will find Saturn hangs under the cute windows while on the front door there are Pluto and Mars are rolling from side to side.
You can rest together on the soft play mats and come up with stories about faraway galaxies.

Golden stars 4 sides playhouse tent with beige mats (as match a tent or some different colors of mat) are connected to each of the 4 poles.  This playhouse for indoor use. 4 Poles are included. Wood is Ukrainian birch.

Standard Set for kids under stairs playhouse consists of:

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and holder for transportation (easy to carry)
✔️ 4 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Linen mini flags
✔️ 1 Safe Warm white cotton lights (20 balls)
✔️ 1 Manual

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