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Khaki Flat cap

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If you are looking for the most stylish accessory for your child - here it is. The Bad Boys flat cap in dark blue is made to emphasize your child's cool temper. Our classic cotton Flat Cap is perfect for all ages. This cap will have your child looking like a grown up and a bad boy.( have you looking). This cap is perfect for summer or cool autumn days. It's good news because your child won't want to take it off. ( you won't want). This cap is made with the highest quality cotton, it's durable enough for any adventure.

Not only boys love our Flat Cap! Specially for girls we've created the Bad Boys Cap x Tomboy edition. This bright pink Flat Cap will perfectly suit your young princess or tomboy. This cap is made with the highest quality cotton. It's durable enough for any adventure and perfect for any occasion

The Bad Boys Flat Cap is necessary to avoid the summer heat, and look good doing it. Before you go to the beach or the park put the Bad Boys Cap on you child. The natural cotton material is breathable and will protect your head from overheating. And don't be jealous we make one for adults too! You can match your little one in this stylish durable cap in any season.

Khaki Flat cap for boys and Girls! 100 % Cotton

Available on sizes:

6-12 month
48 сm or 18 1/2"

2-4 year's
49-51 cm or 19" - 20 1/4"

54-56cm or 21 1/2"

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