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4 poles teepee

Marine Space Gray play house

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Play Teepee - Kids Play House Cocoon for sale

You know how it happens sometimes? ...You give yourself up to the work flow, sail on waves of inspiration and suddenly it turns out that Saturn is circling its rings over the whale. Truly unique kids play teepee, one of a kind, Marine Space !

The kids play teepee bundle provides everything you need for a dream tent, and Marine Space print makes it even more perfect. The play teepee will become a real nook with its own rules created by kids. In wigwam they can play with toys or have a nap, hide from everyone or invite friends and siblings for a game.

Natural materials only, 100% safe for kids.

Tent is set on 4 poles. We have two types of this teepee tent. With poles inside and outside of a tent. Ask us if you are interested! Whale print is made of water based Eco paints, safe for children.

Cocoon Gray Play teepee tent set is everything you need for a good time spending. Ready to be played in, no additions needed. Just take it out of the hold, sit and enjoy.

Standard Play set for kids play teepee consists of:

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and holder for transportation (easy to carry)
✔️ 1 Deco flags natural
✔️ 4 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Safe cotton flashlight garland (20 light bubbles)
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Manual

4 poles are included. Wood is Ukrainian birch.
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