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Montessori Wooden Crib canopy bed

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Our Montessori wooden bed, complete with a natural cotton canopy, is specially tailored for the delight of kids and toddlers. Every piece is imbued with love and meticulous attention to detail in our cozy, bespoke workshop. This bed seamlessly integrates the tenets of Montessori education with a snug and welcoming sleep haven for your little ones. The robust wooden frame ensures a secure environment, while the natural cotton canopy introduces a hint of whimsy and coziness. It stands as the idyllic space for your child to dream, play, and weave their own fantastical world. Rest assured, each facet is meticulously crafted to guarantee top-notch quality and lasting durability. Grant your child the gift of tranquil and enchanting slumber with our Montessori wooden bed.

In keeping with the cherished traditions of playhouses, it boasts a robust wooden bed frame designed for children to ascend to the roof, capable of withstanding a load of up to 61 pounds on the bed's sides.

Parents can comfortably sit within the bed alongside their children for captivating storytelling sessions. The bed boasts a weight capacity of up to 440 pounds, accommodating two adults and two children simultaneously.


✔️ This Canopy Crib bed features side planks and an inclined design.

✔️ Our Crib bed is constructed with TWO ELEVATED PLATFORMS for mattresses, allowing it to be used as a floor bed without legs. In such cases, slats are unnecessary.

✔️ CANOPY without curtain

This bed is equipped with a CANOPY not cover the front entrance . The canopy is fashioned from dense, premium-grade 100% cotton fabric, adorned with high-quality Italian buttons.


You have the liberty to choose the FABRIC COLOR and WOOD FRAME. Additional elements, such as prints available in our store or personalized touches, can be added. A hanging inner pocket is available upon request. For sizes beyond the standard, kindly inform us.

✔️ THE CANOPY CRIB BED COMES WITH A TENT COVER AND SLATS. Crafted from alder wood and premium-grade 100% cotton.


EU 70 x 140 cm
US Crib 28 x 52 inches


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Crafted with love in Ukraine ❤️