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Princess Tent with mat, Kids Castle Tent, Playhouse Canopy, Best Playhouse For 5 Year Old, Girls Bedroom Tent - Christmas presents

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So here it is — huge pentagon Khaki minimalistic Cocoon Teepee.

Khaki minimalistic 5 sides teepee tent with the 5 sides khaki mat (as match a tent or any different colors of mat) connects to each of the five poles . Also mat can be 5 sides without ties or round . Warm white cotton lights (20 balls). Linen mini flags .
For indoor and outdoor use.

5 POLES IS INCLUDED. WOOD is Ukrainian birch or beech

Standart Set for kids consists of:

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and holder for transportation (easy to carry)
✔️ 5 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Mini flags
✔️ 1 Safe soft cotton lights (20 light bubbles)
✔️ 1 Manual

Standart Set + Mat :

✔️ 1 Thick cotton tent and a holder for transportation
✔️ 4 Portable birch sticks
✔️ 1 Cotton rope
✔️ 1 Mini flags
✔️ 1 Safe cotton lights (20 light bubbles)
✔️1 Manual
✔️ Mat


CARE instruction:

For small spots use naturale soap and brush, lightly rinse with .
Do not wash in washing machine either use dryer.

Product details:

Stand up size:
Hight: 1.55 m or 61 inch
Poles: 1,90 m or 74 inch

Size in holder ( without mat)
Length: 1m or 39,3 inch
Diameter: 0.23m or 9 inch
Weight: 6 kg
Set + mat: 6,5-7 kg

Size of mat:
5 sides mat: 1,50m *1,55m or 59*61 inch